How to take part


To take part in the ONLINE AUCTIONS you must follow these three steps (it is important to do it in the following order):

  1. To be registered on our website. (REGISTER, top right)
  2. To be subscribed in the sale. (SUBSCRIBE in the auction)
  3. Have the Bid System actived. (DEPOSIT PAYMENT)



The Registration is a simple step to register as a user of our website with your USERNAME, your E-MAIL ADDRESS and a PASSWORD. (It is important to keep this information, you will need it every time you access to our website as a user). Once you have completed the registration, you will need to activate your account.

Account activation. For security reasons, before you can operate with your account, you will need to activate ir. Immediately after registering, our system will send you an email with a link to activate your account. Once you have followed this simple step, your account will be activated.


If you are interested in taking part in any of our auctions, you must subscribe in it. You have to access to our website with your password (IDENTIFY), enter the auction of your interest and click SUBSCRIBE (at the top, at the right of the DESCRIPTION, there is a photo of the actual auction changing, below that photo, there is a green box with the text “SUBSCRIBE”).

Data Form. It is very important to fill correctly all the Data Form (if you represent a company, you must indicate it) because this is the Data that will appear on the invoice if you get any lot.

By accepting the general Conditions of Sale, you agree to have read and understood our General Conditions of Sale and the Particular Conditions.


The deposit is the last step necessary to participate in the Auction.

You have to pay the amount of the DEPOSIT in the assigned account (it appears in the DETAILS of each Auction). You can pay the deposit a few days before the Auction. IMPORTANT: When you send us the payment receipt (you can send it to, and add your registered e-mail in the concept of the bank transfer), you will receive the acceptance of the Subscription by e-mail and you will be able to bid for the lots you are interested in when the Auction begins.

The DEPOSIT is a single payment and you can bid for all the lots you are interested in. (It is not required one deposit for each lot you want to bid on.)

That deposit, if you don´t award any lot, will be returned few days after the end of the Auction by a bank transfer to your account number. If your bid is the highest in any lot, the deposit will be discount of the invoice. (At the end of the Auction you will receive an e-mail with all the information).


We also remind you that all the prices in the Auction, are NET PRICES, they do not include neither the buyer´s Premium nor taxes.

IMPORTANT: All the lots are sold like they are and where they are (without warranty), that is, the buyer is responsible of the disassembly, loading and transport. (In case of vehicles, the procedures of changing the ownership, is also responsibility of the buyer).

We recomend you to inspect always the lots you are interested in, “VIEWING DATES” are publicated in DETAILS section of each auction.

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If you have any doubt or question, you can contact with us:

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