Sales operation AUCTION. It is an organized sales based on the direct and public competence of buyers. The asset or auctioned lot was awarded to the tenderer who offered more […]

Sales operation

AUCTION. It is an organized sales based on the direct and public competence of buyers. The asset or auctioned lot was awarded to the tenderer who offered more money by him through the bids made.

ONLINE AUCTION. Form of sale over the Internet, allowing bidders to make their bids electronically automated from their place of origin and through our Web site, from your own computer. The OnLine auction is open for a certain time, closing to a date and hour previously agreed.

LIQUIDATION. It is an organized sale of one or more assets with very reduced and attractive prices from companies in bankruptcy, closure or industrial restructuring phase. It negotiates directly with the seller. It may also be your best offer for the assets of their interest directly to the seller.

Private treaty. Sale of one or more assets in which negotiation is directly with the buyer.


Starting price. Initial price published and announced at the beginning of the sale. Output prices the established vendors, are optional and set the point at which buyers must offer a higher bid. Output prices are normally established in equal to the reserve price.

Buyer´s premium. It refers to the relative percentage to the Commission which is charged to the buyer on the total cost of purchase/procurement. You can find this amount in the detail of each sale or general conditions of sale. The Commission to the buyer is subject to VAT, according to existing legislation.

Date of sale. Days established in which the sale will be open and available for purchase property.

Viewing Dates. Days before the Auction in which lots can be inspected by those buyers interested in their acquisition. Duty of the buyer, is the check the status of them during the days of inspection or previously to purchase, as all goods are sold as they are and where they are.

General termes of sale. They are those general conditions of sale that govern all sales carried out by our company. Please always read carefully our general conditions of sale.

Notice to buyers. They are those specific conditions of sale, which refer to the commissions portfolio for sale, maximum of goods withdrawal date, dates of payment, any specific indication, etc. Please read always the notification to purchasers of those sales in which wish to participate.

Registration form. The registration form is mandatory for all those buyers who wish to participate in our sales through auction OnLine. By filling in this form, not only buyers provide us their data for participation in the sale and subsequent billing of the lots purchased, if not that also accept having read and understood our general conditions of sale and/or notification to buyers, agreeing with them.

Buy direct. Each and every one of the lots can be purchased before the OnLine auction if the received offer is accepted in advance by the seller. If your offer is accepted, you would be the winner of that lot and the auction for that lot would have ended immediately. It is a simple and quick way to get a lot, bypassing the entire process of bidding and bid.

Purchase order. Those buyers who are unable or unwilling to participate in an OnLine auction, may fill out a form where shall be recorded his complete data, the batch in which you are interested and the maximum price you want to bid on them. To provide this maximum price, the buyer must have in mind that to obtain the final amount, if awarded each of the lots, must add the percentage established for this sale as a Commission to the buyer, as well as the percentage corresponding to the applicable VAT according to the legislation in force. Once you receive this form, designates a member of our team that you will defend the offers of these absent buyers until you reach the maximum price authorized by these. If the bids for these buyers are winners, are notified within 24 h following his award, also attaching the invoice and payment data.

Absent buyer. They named buyers who participate in our sales through purchase orders.

Batch. A batch is a set of one or more assets that are grouped to facilitate the purchase of potential customers.

Active. Generic name applied to each of the equipment, machines or items for sale.

Disassembly, transport and/or shipment costs. These expenses are not included in the sale price and will always be in charge of the buyer, insofar as the assets are sold where they are and as they are. Neither the seller nor the owner have no obligation to pay these expenses. Although the seller may provide customer information of companies which can perform these services, it is the duty of customer to agree on the service, the price and payment thereof within the time limits set by the seller in the notification to buyers.

Time extended batch. If a batch received a bid during the last 5 minutes before the close of the auction, automatically extends the finisher-time another 5 minutes thereafter. And so on as long as bids at the last minute. This automatic system is designed with the intention of facilitating the bid very requested batch process and that all buyers are on equal footing in competing for a lot of interest.

Closing auction OnLine progressive. Some OnLine auctions are progressively closed their lots. This is done to facilitate follow-up in cases of buyers with interest in acquiring different lots or auctions with many lots to the buyer. For example, lot no. 1 in an auction might start to close at 13: 00 (UTC + 1), while the 2 would make it at 13: 05 (UTC + 1), no. 3 at 13: 10 (UTC + 1) and so on. In the auction information you can see the initial time of closure (first batch) and the end (last batch).

Use of the Web

Private area. My account. This is your personal area on our website. You can have a day or modify their personal and contact data, register to participate in ongoing sales, keep track of lots, download technical documentation, etc. Be able to access your private area, it is necessary to register on our website.

Registration. The registry consists of a simple step which we will ask some contact information and the acceptance of the terms of use of our website. Once registration has been completed, you will need to activate your account.

Account activation. For reasons of security before being able to operate with your account you will need to activate it. Immediately after registration, our system will send you an email with a link to activate your account. Once followed this simple step it will have activated your account and you can make use of all the advantages. The activation link is valid for 24 hours and will be generated and sent every time you try to login.

Account modification. At any time you can rectify their data by accessing your private area and modify your account. At the time that save changes we will send you a confirmation email.

Termination of account. At any time you may request the cancellation of your account data. You should send an email to


Minimum Bids Ranges:

  • from €0 to €100: €10
  • from €101 to €500: €25
  • from €501 to €2.500: €50
  • from €2.501 to €7.500: €100
  • from €7.501 to €12.500: €250
  • from €12.501 to €25.000: €500
  • from €25.001 to €50.000: €1.000
  • from €50.001 to €100.000: €1.500
  • from €100.001 to €250.000: €2.000
  • from €250.001 to €500.000: €5.000
  • from €500.001 to €750.000: €10.000
  • from €750.001 to €1.000.000: €20.000
  • from €1.000.001 to “X”: €50.000

Maximum Bids Ranges:

  • from €0 to €100: €100
  • from €101 to €500: €250
  • from €501 to €2.500: €500
  • from €2.501 to €7.500: €1.000
  • from €7.501 to €12.500: €2.500
  • from €12.501 to €25.000: €3.000
  • from €25.001 to €50.000: €5.000
  • from €50.001 to €100.000: €10.000
  • from €100.001 to €250.000: €15.000
  • from €250.001 to €500.000: €30.000
  • from €500.001 to €750.000: €50.000
  • from €750.001 to €1.000.000: €100.000
  • from €1.000.001 to “X”: €200.000

How to participate in an OnLine auction?